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White Papers

The Thought Leadership Piece

For innovators, nothing quite says “thought leader” like a white paper.

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The Knight of Digital Content

Fundamentally, a white paper is an authoritative document that works to inform a reader on a specific topic, ultimately arguing for a solution—your product or service. 

Typically data-centric, formal, and argument-based pieces, the white paper is the Knight of Digital Content. Yet, in the ever-changing landscape of the internet, the white paper is beginning to experience a facelift. No longer is it merely about proving that a company can offer top-level knowledge and insights—that they are the experts of the experts—but explaining high-level concepts in simpler, digestible language to their target audience

Lastly, companies utilize white papers not only to teach their audiences and establish authority but to market their product or service. 

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Copycat’s White Papers

Here at Copycat, we work with companies across all verticals to produce eloquent, persuasive, and informative white papers. Our white paper writers adopt best practices to write a cohesive piece that will benefit your business. We understand that the white paper has become a staple in content marketing and, while the mechanics are the same, the medium has shifted. 

Our strategy and methodology boil down to a few key principles: 

  • Who do you want to communicate to? Who is your target audience? Is this white paper going to serve as a 101 for readers who would otherwise not be able to understand the topic, or are we fighting for authority among the experts in your industry? Is this an overtly technical white paper? 

  • Are we highlighting your solutions, or do you want the reader to come to that conclusion on their own? Essentially, do you want this piece to pointedly sell your platform, or are we leading with subtlety? What topics you focus on in the report and what examples you provide will help your reader visualize the data mentioned.

  • Where will this white paper live? How will this report be presented? Is it largely internal, or do you want this to be shared amongst the masses? Is it going to be positioned for lead generation, or will it live in an email targeting B2B marketers? Essentially, how does it fit within your overall marketing strategy?  

  • Your secret weapon, how do we allude to it? Often, a company has created an impeccable solution to a problem, but can’t explain it thoroughly as they don’t want their “secret ingredient” known to their competition. In which case, we work to identify the amount of information we can sprinkle into the narrative.

White papers use a problem as the pillar, thus building the foundation to prop up the answer: you. By understanding your level of expertise, your audience, and the purpose of your white paper, a Copycat technical writer can structure and create the perfect narrative. This authoritative report will then work to inform your audience and introduce your product/service at once. 

We have the tools available to write a white paper that establishes you within your industry and will help the reader learn about your impact within your field. Whether you're in science, technology, manufacturing, or another research-based field, we will make sure to create content that establishes you and your colleagues as thought leaders in your business. 

While you will always understand the subject matter intuitively, our writing process will ensure that your thesis caputures readers' attention. 

You're the experts. 

We’ll make sure that’s recognized.  

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