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Truthfully, we're just a bunch of stray cats that banded together through the love of litter-ature, writing, and advertising. The work we did in creative industries, prior to starting Copycat, is the backbone of our methodology. We take traditional formulas and recreate them; understand structures intuitively and then tear them down; we bend the marketing mechanics at play for a millennia and refocus them on one phenomenon in particular—The Hero's Journey. 

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Here at Copycat, the writing comes first.

It’s the foundation.

Everything else is built atop it.

We’ve realized that effective marketing lives and dies by the story threaded within it.

And that’s exactly what we are.


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Copycat is your handpicked in-house writing team

We take your goals, objectives, and content needs, then curate a team that’s bespoke to your sector. A team that will support your objectives and grow with you as you scale.

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We’re not your typical outsourced Copywriters — we’re not “guns for hire”

We’re writers, editors, and content strategists that aim to understand your brand intimately, and then become an extension of your company. Our goal is to alleviate your staffing, HR, and writer management pain points and still make it feel as if all of your content is being generated in-house.

It's not a copywriting agency, it's just Copycat.

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Whatever your copy needs are, we’ll support them.

From SEO, listicles, social, branding, email, and editorial, to anything in-between. The team we’ll create for you can handle all facets of written content. 

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We’ll reshape or optimize your narrative and infuse your brand into every piece created.

And, as traffic increases to your platform, we’ll scale content creation (and the size of your team) to suit your demands.

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Welcome to Copycat.

If you’re looking for quality-driven, creative, and branded content, if you’re trying to drive more traffic to your platform, want to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your market, or think you’d benefit from a content writing company and a team curated just for you, then let’s begin.


It all starts with a question: Who are you, and what drives your company?

We want to get to know you. We want to identify what your brand’s overall content objectives, goals, and current trajectory are. We want to understand what makes you tick so we can create emotionally-driven narratives with your heartbeat.

From there, we’ll write a free piece of content for you to ensure you trust our product and that we’ve, at the very least, captured the language and feeling you connect with.


Once we’ve proven ourselves worthy of your commitment, we build you a client profile.

A digital folder that includes every file shared between us including: copy, relevant materials, case studies, objectives, rhetoric guides, conversations/notes, and do’s & don’ts.

With every delivery, we want higher efficacy, better communication, and increased transparency between both parties. This back and forth helps to shape the brand narrative and build a framework that our team can follow to produce the most highly optimized content possible.

Writing Team

Once the profile is built, we’ll curate the perfect writing team for your needs.

It wouldn’t make much sense to pair you with a lifestyle blogger when you’re trying to create buzz around developing tech, right? So we take your brand profile and handpick a team of writers that have worked in your industry, understand the market intuitively, and will be able to support your specific content needs.

Some teams may consist of 10 writers while others only require 2. If you don’t think your content needs require multiple writers, we are more than happy to pair you with a single account leader and writer chosen for your objectives and sector.

With a writing agency, you get a talented writer. With Copycat, you partner with writers bespoke to your industry.


After the team is created, content is mapped, and you’re intelligently positioned, we then work alongside you to strengthen, optimize, and customize the team.

We ensure the best possible content by staying vigilant about your needs in an ever-changing market. We make any necessary changes to team curation by updating your brigade of writers as you evolve and grow, so we can always evolve and grow with you.

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The process of positioning, creating, and managing digital content can be tedious and seemingly impossible at times. So, outside of hiring us for our unparalleled brilliance and wit, why Copycat?

Outsourcing & Staffing Pain Points

Typically, when a marketer needs content, they’ll either outsource to a freelance copywriter, copywriting mill, or hire someone in-house, all of which cause some glaring problems.

Managing Your Outsourcers: The Great Pain

Managing a team of disparate writers and creatives is a taxing job in and of itself. And, with so many isolated voices on the same content slate, the typical result is a batch of content that’s inconsistent, atonal, and in desperate need of serious editing. And all that’s to say you bet on the right scribes to begin with.

Hiring In-House: Burnout & Stagnancy

Staffing internally may seem like a great option at the outset. That is, until you have to deal with HR, contracts, payroll, and benefits; the writers you’ve brought on begin to burn out; your overhead blows a hole in the roof; or the writer you thought was a stallion begins to—around month 3—reveal that they are, in fact, a donkey.

Then there’s the Copycat way. The Copycat Promise.

Let us build you your own in-house writing team, host it on our end, and provide all the benefits of both options while eliminating your pain points. Let us manage the nuances end-to-end, so you can be free to focus solely on content direction, creative development, and branding.

The Team

Shawn Rolph

CEO & Product Director

Mikey Shaughnessy

President & Operations Director

Hailey Kragelj

Head of Web Copy | Technical Publications Writer

Adam Biederman

Head of White Papers & eBooks

Dean Kritikos

Technical Writer

Mara Welty

Lead Writer & Editor

Nicky Hatzidimitriou

Lead Writer & Editor

John Wilkinson

Lead Writer & Editor

Lauren Bergeron

Lead Editor & Assistant Talent Acquistion Manager

Anna Alger

Lead Writer & Editor

Margaret Kaplan

Lead Writer & Editor

Complimentary Content

By writing you a free piece of content, you can vet our product, vet our process, and get to know the coolest copycats in the neighborhood.

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