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Web Content

Your Company's First Impression

What is the first thing you expect a potential client or customer to do when they hear about your company?

Yup, Google it, stalk your site, and if you have any social media links, stalk those too.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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Web Copy's Purpose

Web content, or plainly web copy, is your company’s first impression for web visitors. It’s everything from the very first slogan you have on your homepage to the copy on your product pages to this—literally this, you are currently reading web copy. Because it lives on your website, each sentence should be tinged with your brand’s voice, highlighting and reemphasizing your company’s value propositions at every corner.

Luckily for us, we’re a copywriting service, so our writing does the bragging for us. For you? 

There are copywriters.

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Web Copy's Power

At Copycat, we curate a handpicked team of writers bespoke to your sector and objectives. We not only remove the staffing and outsourcing pain points common in the copywriting sphere, but we also optimize the quality of content by pairing you with a team of Copycat Certified writers that have experience writing for your industry.

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Jumping Your Words Off The Page

One question you might have is why hire a copywriter? You know your business better than anybody else; why bother explaining it to someone who will then write about it for you? Fair question.

A good copywriter understands your Reader. He or she understands when to embellish and when to practice brevity. Above all, quality web copy:

  • Offers a sense of professionalism that goes beyond the page – Imagine you wanted to buy a vitamin supplement from an online company and noticed that a tenth of their words were misspelled. Would you trust this company? Or would you think the words on the page mirror the quality of their products?
  • Can change the perception of a company – Perhaps you’ve just hired your twentieth employee, and you’re officially ready to take on the “big league clients.” You won’t have much luck with your landing pages if your site copy makes your brand look like a mom-and-pop shop.

Words are powerful; narratives are timeless. Every spelling mistake, grammatical error, awkward sentence structure, and incoherent babble is another blemish on your face, another puncture in your armor. And the harshest part about web copy is, it’s front and center for everyone to see.

Let Copycat be your concealer, your bulletproof vest.

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The Copycat Strategy

You want to formulate a content strategy that makes the process of writing your web content easy. Once you have your content strategy, you can create blog posts that you post to your website to gain the interest of your readers. Intriguing content that is posted directly to your web page allows for accessibility among users and will expand your audience. 

Luckily, you don't need to worry about your website content creation all on your own. Copycat is here to help with your web content management so your web page looks attractive to any and all web visitors. Leave it to us to create clever content ideas so we can begin writing blog posts and web copy that will promote positive digital experiences for you readers. 

Free Piece of Content

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