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Your Company's 101

A primer is a form of writing used to explain high-level concepts in rudimentary language.

It’s your 101 on a given topic, written for digestibility.

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Class is in Session

Here at Copycat, we understand there are aspects of your business that need to be explained in a thorough, yet easy-to-read manner. Not to be confused with white paper copywriting, primers work across any digital medium to peel back the curtain of your product or service, explaining the nuances and science behind it. This acts much like an elevator pitch, where you highlight an issue and then present a solution all in the same breath.

It’s a piece of writing that provides relevant information to the reader and ends with an actionable argument—one that calls for a specific solution, a product or service.

And not just any product or service. Yours.

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The Copycat Primer

Copycat works with your brand until we have a thorough understanding of your product or service. By addressing the integral components and identifying the pain points your solution solves, we create a 101 tailored to your audience.

This is an informational piece that explains your process or product in an easily digestible, logic-driven, and on-brand narrative. 

At Copycat, we approach the task for each business we work with from a place of curiosity. This ensures our work has the most effective impact possible. With our broad understanding of subjects and marketing, we intertwine the two so you find success.

Care for some content?

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As creatives, we’re best introduced through our work. Tell us the story you’ve been struggling to tell—or the one you wish you had time for—and we’ll turn it around in two shakes of a cat’s tail

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