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Your Brand's Personality

Hello. Welcome to the type of content that can improve your visibility on search engines, guide readers to other areas of your website, and create thought leadership in your field.

Today, blogging is one of the most powerful and important types of digital content.

It's also an extension of your brand's personality. That's why we're here.

To bring out the best in you.

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Peek Behind The Curtain

Essentially, blogging is your customers’ “peek behind the curtain.”

Here, they can learn about your brand, gain information about your industry, and have an intimate experience with those at the wheel. Additionally, your blog content—once optimized for SEO—will communicate to a search engine’s algorithm, helping your content rank higher on SERPs. When it comes to a content marketing strategy focused on search enginge visibility, blogging is the most important facet. 

Starting a blog is simple, and you can start by posting the content on your own time. Becoming an effective blog writer? That's an entirely different endeavor.

When you create a blog, go in with some sort of strategy that will engage people and encourage them to interact with your brand. And, good news, there is a variety of blog writing companies and blogging software available to help you get started.

What's a good blog copywriting service to start with? Well, we may be able to recommend one...

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Authentic, Quality-Driven Content

While the world of SEO used to involve tons of blackhat practices (not to mention a lack of integrity), these principles are falling to the wayside. Today, the internet is hungry for authentic content. It’s nearly starved of it. And that’s something that Copycat takes seriously.

When it comes to creating website traffic through your own writing, consider the below:

  • Think of each blog as a story, its own narrative, hosted in cyberspace. While this story has “technical structures” threaded within it, it’s still just a story. A standalone piece. A tale meant to pose a problem or question to the reader, then answer it with your product or service. It’s divisive but genuine. Informative but pointed. Structured yet creative.
  • And ultimately, it needs to be human. No matter what field you’re in—no matter your product or service, this story lives and dies by its ability to draw upon emotion. To entice the reader. To make your lead relate. Above all else, however, to make this person on the other end of the screen trust you. 

The key to a successful blog is to post to your site on a daily basis and touch on a variety of themes in your blog posts. This is the value of a professional blog post writing service—keeping you in line with your marketing and business goals.

Additionally, a quality blog will embody the ethos of your brand. Content writing does more than inform, it creates the pulse of your company's personality; its value system, overarching message, and purpose. From featuring a guest post to creating an informative how-to-do-something, you're inviting your target audience to have a conversation with your brand. 

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Copycat: Building Trust, Thought-Leadership, and SEO Value

If you want to start a blog to attract readers to your website, we're here to help. At Copycat, we harmonize emotion, information, and creativity into one perfectly-positioned blog narrative. From long-form to short-form, engagement-focused to informative, SEO-heavy or brand building, we can handle any and all of your blogging needs. 

That goes for a company blog, business, blog, professional blog, or fresh content for a platfrom that hasn't launched yet (but wants content backlogged prior to their kickoff). 

The content of our posts is on-brand, compelling, creative, and structured for digestibility. Because it’s not just about informing people by providing relevant material… 

It’s about telling your story in the process. 

Let Copycat's blog writing services help you do just this.

Care for some content?

It’s on the house.

As creatives, we’re best introduced through our work. Tell us the story you’ve been struggling to tell—or the one you wish you had time for—and we’ll turn it around in two shakes of a cat’s tail

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