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Science & Technology, The Specialists

Like any form of copywriting, it’s imperative that the scribe understands your audience and their journey. Here at Copycat copywriting agency, we speak to academics, industry experts, and career researchers in a logical and methodical fashion without eschewing the importance of pathos. In technical fields, we harmonize discipline and emotion, creating informative, fact-driven content while enticing the heart of the reader. 

When it comes to technical projects, our mission is to find the equilibrium between highly informative content and a compelling message. 

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Walking The Line

In order to successfully convey a message in the space of Science and Technology, you must tread a careful tightrope between marketing and education. Our team has an extensive understanding of both academic and commercial fields. Whether it be science, automation, medicine, or engineering, we know how to create primers, highlight the most important facets of your process, then bring that story to life. 

 We have previous experience working with:

  • Medical research companies
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Quality, risk, and compliance businesses
  • Biomedical corporations
  • Genetic research laboratories
  • Immunotherapy clinics
  • Investment software services
  • Rehab centers
  • Drug research and technology enterprises

When our technology copywriters aren't project-enaged, they're probably falling down a rabbit hole on r/science.

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Humanizing Your Story

It’s not just about what you do and how you do it. Those are merely the pillars that support why your field of study matters.   

You’re making a difference in the world. You’re changing things, introducing new products, services, and findings that can benefit our lives and society as a whole. With our help, we can dig deep into your platform and create digestible, exciting, and emotionally-driven content from your data. We can help entice readers because—within Science and Technology—it’s not just about enticing them to click through, it’s about making them believe. 

—not just in your product, but in you

Your years of hard work and dedication that have contributed to the advancement of science should not go unnoticed, and we're here to make sure of it. At Copycat, it’s our job to turn the brilliant ideas and findings of scientists and tech gurus into intriguing stories—ensuring they receive the widespread interest and understanding they deserve. This is the great aspiration of our technology copywriters team. 

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