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At Copycat, we understand that your brand isn’t just a product or service—it’s a lifestyle.  

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Shaping Your Message

Your mission is to motivate your customers to embrace a certain way of life, a philosophy, or aesthetic. Ours is to pitch that idea and help them envision how much better their lives would be were they to opt in to you. We inspire your audience to take the initiative and join your movement toward a healthy lifestyle.

Our dedicated team of lifestyle writers is composed of marketing and advertising professionals that understand how to weave your brand story into the tapestry of a healthy lifestyle message—one that perfectly encapsulates your brand, its motto, and messaging. The crafting process will typically follow a discovery methodology that involves asking and understanding the following questions: 

  • What are your brand’s core values? 
  • How are your core values attached to your brand?
  • What is the purpose behind your good or service? 
  • What does your dream customer look like? How does the product improve their life?
  • What binds your ideal consumers as a community?
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Your In-House Writing Team

At Copycat, we curate a handpicked team of writers bespoke to your sector and objectives. We not only remove the staffing and outsourcing pain points common in the copywriting sphere, but we also optimize the quality of content by pairing you with a team of Copycat Certified writers that have experience writing for your industry.

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Telling The Right Story

Determine the audience you're trying to target. Do you want to reach young people or are you trying to reach parents? Lifestyle messaging is about grabbing your audience’s attention and never letting go. Whether you’re an athleisure clothing line, energy drink brand, or an organic food company, we seek to create a compelling brand story that’s tailored to you. This starts with snappy, bold, and brash content. We want to challenge your audience by engaging them with compelling storytelling that makes it clear how your customers will feel when they own your product or use your service.

We want them to know that there’s more

And the road there begins with you. 

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As creatives, we’re best introduced through our work. Tell us the story you’ve been struggling to tell—or the one you wish you had time for—and we’ll turn it around in two shakes of a cat’s tail

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