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Health & Wellness

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Over the years, writing for health and wellness has become one of our specialties. We’ve worked hand in glove with CBD brands, medical professionals, rehab clinics, and various other health and wellness-related fields.

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Creating Trust, Changing Lifestyles

We’ve helped businesses educate their audience, establish their authority, and promote their brand. After working with these facilities and wellness programs, we've seen them become leaders in their field and primary resources for individuals who want help with their health and well-being. We've reduced bounce rate, encouraged website visitors to invest in your lifestyle, and revamped messaging so every conversion is the ideal client

Whether you need high-level content on the intricacies of HITECH and HIPAA or want to inform your readers about recent legislative updates to the Farm Bill and how it will impact the CBD industry, we have a squad of inquisitive and research-oriented copywriters who love nothing more than to dive into the nitty-gritty of all things health and wellness. 

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Educating An Audience And Establishing Authority

Health and wellness is a field that’s typically hyper-focused on simplifying complex subjects about health and nutrition into interesting yet easily consumable short- and long-form content. Every piece needs to be compelling copy, one that encompasses the ethos of your platform. People don't just want a product that improves their overall wellness, they want to believe that your company is inciting change. This, of course, boils down to your brand voice.

When it comes to health and wellness services, your copywriting team’s underlining task is to drive potential customers towards an action and help them see why they’d be better off with you at their side for increased health and well-being. That said, there might be several secondary goals that are specific to any particular client, including:

  • Inform the audience about a subject
  • Drive traffic to the website using best SEO practices
  • Help build your health and wellness brand
  • Enhance your reputation as a thought leader
  • Establish your authority as experts within your field
  • Drive patient acquisition and grow your patient base
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Creating Experts

Before our copywriters scribe a single word of content, we challenge them to become experts in your specific study. Whether you work in mental health, fitness, nutrition, or integrative medicine, our copywriters will become proficient—no matter how complex or niche the subject matter.

For every hour they spend writing compelling content, two to three times as many hours will be spent on familiarizing themselves with the your angle. Already knowledgeable in the fields of health and wellness, their goal is to possess the same knowledge about your wellness services or products so they can successfully promote your brand. 

We bring experts of the industry into your camp, then make them experts of your brand.

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