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That's Just Showbiz, Baby

The founders of Copycat first cut their teeth in film, television, and music.

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Are You Not Entertained?!

In addition to the founders, many of our writers started as creatives within those spheres. We’ve worked with a wide variety of people, including agents, heads of development, producers, managers, creative execs, studio heads, and much more. As such, we’re intimately familiar with how the entertainment industry works and the language spoken therein. From concept development, to pitching, to campaigns, we’re acutely aware of the best practices for reaching both audiences and executives.

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It All Traces Back To Narrative

As writers, we’re storytellers at heart. We’re bibliophiles, cinephiles, and audiophiles—we’re avid consumers of all things entertainment-related. We understand the importance of crafting a compelling message and how vital it is to center every piece of content upon that sturdy foundation. Our copywriting work within the entertainment space includes:

  • Pitch decks
  • Ghostwriting
  • Press releases
  • Commercials
  • Script coverage
  • Script writing, including feature and television
  • Concept development
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Realizing Your Story

Our inroads within the entertainment industry informed our writing careers. It taught us the importance of narrative and what does or doesn’t work. It gave us a critical eye and thick skin that makes us stand out. Whether you need a ghostwriter, an idea formulator, or an impartial eye, we have the writers and editors you need to hone your idea. Through the years, we’ve built relationships with actors, directors, producers, musicians, artists, and other creatives. 

Don’t be the person or business who tries to do their own press release copywriting! If you need wordsmiths that speak entertainment fluently, you’ve come to the right place. Let US write your story so YOU can handle everything else.

Welcome to Copycat.

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