July 21st, 2020

Do You Need an SEO Article Writing Service?

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Written by Copycat Staff

You’re a business owner working on growing their web presence. Fortunately, you have a stellar marketing team that tells you exactly the keywords or keyword phrases you need to include in your blog posts to start gaining traction in search engines.

Unfortunately, those keywords read like an OULIPO poem:

  • How to integrate cats
  • Kitty cat
  • Best strategies for introducing two cats
  • Are two cats better than one
  • Best veterinarian Brooklyn
  • Does my cat like me
  • Brooklyn veterinarians
  • Do cats get lonely like people
  • What cats want
  • Loneliness
  • Dog

You definitely want to reach all those Brooklynites wondering do cats get lonely like people and give them a little reassurance, not to mention top-quality veterinary care. But how are you supposed to turn that into a 1,500 word blog post that people actually want to read? 

Some brave entrepreneurs start trying to tackle these word puzzles themselves, while others start scouring the internet for a suitable content writer. But there’s only one sure-fire way to turn a batch of nouns and questions into a readable article: an SEO Article writing service. 

Read on to learn more about why you need SEO content services to boost the effectiveness of your marketing.

SEO 101

Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you’re a marketing whiz. Let’s talk a little bit more about SEO and how it can benefit your bottom line.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making sure your pages (and blog posts) rank well in search engine results. 

An SEO strategy is essential for marketing success, even for small local businesses. Believe it or not, Google and other search engines want people to find relevant local businesses when they google terms like “Best veterinarian Brooklyn.” A robust SEO strategy can help get your webpage and blog posts on the first page of search results, connecting you with new visitors (who, in time, may turn into new customers).

But to show up, you need to give their algorithms what they want.

What does an algorithm want? That’s like asking what cats want. We can guess, but we’ll never really know what’s going on inside their heads—at least not until technology improves, or tech companies decide to give up their trade secrets. Which is more likely? We have our bet on the lucrative future of cat translation. 

Until then, the best thing you can do is make sure your web pages and blog posts follow SEO best practices. 

Quick SEO Tips

Effective SEO is somewhere between art and science, and like both these disciplines, its rules are constantly evolving. But we can run you through some of the central best practices for SEO blog writing:

  1. Include short-tail (1-3 word) search queries as well as long-tail queries (longer phrases and questions) in your SEO content
  2. Focus on long-tail keywords in particular, since these lead to better conversions
  3. Using your main keyword in your title tag
  4. Making sure your meta description and H1 also include relevant long-tail keywords
  5. Ready to post that experimental cat poem? Not so fast!

Beyond these more cut-and-dry rules, you also need to make sure that people actually spend time reading your page. It needs to genuinely answer their questions, because search engines also take into account your page’s stickiness—how long people spend on your page, and whether or not they tend to click its links.

That means that your content can’t be a word salad. Instead, it should be deeply engaging—the best article the internet has to offer on a subject like how to integrate cats.

How do you achieve that high standard? That’s where an SEO Article Writing Service comes in.

What an SEO Content Writing Service Does

Marketing is essential to your business’ overall health, and a successful SEO strategy is a part of that. Once you’ve conducted the market research to identify short-tail and long-tail queries, you have to find a way to get them onto your website, whether on evergreen pages or in blog posts.

Yet you may not be sure exactly who should write this web content—your intern? Your daughter? An editor? A copywriter?

To ensure you make the most of your market research, you need to find a content writer who can tick all of the following boxes:

  • Write well – There’s no use of having a website if its content isn’t, at the very least, clear and easy to read. If your first few sentences are confusing, users will simply close the window.

  • Make content engaging – Beyond sheer clarity, you want a writer who’s also creative. What makes your business stand out? What’s your brand voice? You need a copywriter who can intuitively understand the language that will keep your target audience engaged and keep it consistent across all of the content they write.

  • Implement SEO best practices – How do you integrate a bunch of kooky keywords into a single, engaging blog post and keep it well-written? That’s a whole separate skill set. Copywriters with SEO experience excel at putting exactly the right keywords and phrases in exactly the right places (H1, meta description, etc.).

  • Conduct research – Depending on your industry, you may need to build authority by drawing on credible sources, whether that means market research, scientific articles, or simply current events news. Can your copywriter research and paraphrase, avoiding plagiarism that could land you in hot legal water?

  • Avoid errors – On top of all that, you need a copywriter who can edit their writing (or you need to hire for two roles). There’s nothing more embarrassing than a giant typo on your front page.

Can your intern or your daughter do all that? 

We didn’t think so. That’s why most companies need to seek out SEO-friendly content writing services. 

The Difference an SEO Article Writing Service Makes

Let’s go back to our kitty cat keywords for a spell. 

Have you ever tried to give your pet cat or dog a pill? You know that you can’t just show them the capsule and expect them to swallow it—there’s no way to explain it’s good for their health! Instead, you have to hide it in a piece of bologna or a spoonful of peanut butter. Then, they’ll happily eat it without ever knowing it was there. Voila, problem solved.

That’s how your copywriter should approach SEO. They don’t lead with the keywords; they give readers something they want with the keywords nestled inside.

Let’s take a look at two examples of copy written for Brooklyn veterinarians.

You could start by trying to turn the keywords into complete sentences…

Your kitty cat needs a friend. What are the best strategies for introducing two cats? Many people ask themselves, are two cats better than one? Once you’ve decided yes, it’s time to go over the best strategies for introducing two cats. Then you’ll find the best veterinarian in Brooklyn to care for them both. You’ll never be wondering Does my cat like me? Because you know they love each other.

Maybe this goes without saying—but that’s bad. It’s not what people want to read, it’s not what cats want for their cultural representation at large—it’s a no.

On the other hand, a good web copywriter can turn a string of SEO keywords into a paragraph that’s actually enjoyable to read.

Do you ever find yourself wondering does my cat like me? Maybe your kitty cat is just standoffish—but maybe they’re experiencing a little loneliness. Are two cats better than one? Only if you get them to like each other. Integrating cats can take time, but eventually, they’ll start to play, groom each other, and keep each other company when you’re gone. In this short article, we’ll share advice from the most knowledgeable veterinarian Brooklyn has to offer. Read on for the best strategies for introducing two cats.

Ahh. Much better. The keywords don’t drive the content; instead, they support it.

And that’s why you need an SEO copywriting expert. They make sure your web content is friendly for algorithms and for your readers. You win; your marketing team wins; your readers win; and in some cases, cats win, too.

Copycat Copywriters

Are you looking for an SEO article writing service that combines technical know-how with creativity and flair? Look no further than Copycat Copywriters. We’re experts at integrating SEO keywords into unique, readable content.

Fast and flexible, our model adjusts to your companies’ unique needs. Do you need an in-house SEO writer? We’ve got you covered. But as you know, two cats are sometimes better than one. We can also build your in-house writing team. Only need a few pieces of SEO content? We can do that, too, with the unique Copycat engine. Make changes any time: we can continue delivering great content at scale as your company grows.

Request a free piece of copy today and we think you’ll agree it’s the cat’s meow. 

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