March 30th, 2022

Copywriting Services for Small Businesses

Written by Anna Alger

Anna grew up in the bluegrass state, where she learned to love written and visual storytelling. She holds a BFA in painting from Indiana University and an MFA in creative writing from Hollins University. She currently resides in Louisville, KY with a cat named Louise.

Going to your favorite small business is like sitting down to watch your favorite sitcom. 

One with a group of wacky, longtime friends who are always there for each other. Where the favorite hangout spot is just around the corner, the gang’s favorite booth is (almost) always open, and there’s a never-ending supply of inside jokes.

If you’re the owner of that small business, however, becoming the go-to spot for a base of loyal customers doesn’t always happen quite so naturally. You need a way to communicate, something that builds a following, that catches your eye like a yellow umbrella.

In other words, you need a copywriting service for small businesses.  

This, kids, is the story of how your small business meets copywriting. 

Every Small Business Needs a Dopplegänger

Whether you’re just starting out or have been running your small business for years, you might already be fully aware of just how many hats you have to wear. Until you build a team of dependable partners and employees, you’re the founder, the president, the receptionist, the accountant, the custodian…the list goes on.

While you may have already accumulated a wardrobe full of costume changes for those exact roles, it can start to grow overwhelming. First of all, you’re running out of space for all those hats. Second of all, you may even start to forget which one is the real you.

Instead, what if you could hire someone—or a whole group of someones—to be your creative dopplegänger?

A good copywriting service is exactly that.

They learn your business from the inside out, adopt your voice, and tell your story so naturally, even the most astute customer might have trouble telling you apart.

True, it may create some confusion among your friend group. But what’s a good sitcom without a case of mistaken identity?

A Good Telepath is Hard to Find (Which is Why You Need Copywriting)

If you’ve ever had your own group of wacky and irreplaceable friends, you might know how whole conversations can start to happen without a single exchange of words.

A slightly raised eyebrow. A curve of the mouth. A well-timed eye roll. 

You know what we’re talking about.

Sadly, as a small business owner, the ability to communicate telepathically probably won’t extend to your neighborhood, community, or online network of customers. You need words— good words—whether they’re written or spoken out loud.

This is where a copywriting service can help. For every kind of conversation you want to have with your customers, there’s a different type of copywriting service to suit your needs. Broadly speaking, some of the categories of copywriting can include:

  • Creative content
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Content writing
  • Technical writing
  • SEO services

That’s just a small list of the genres copywriting services can cover, and within each category, there are many different sub-genres. An effective copywriting service blends your business’s unique voice into each one, presenting you as a recognizable brand. 

Still struggling to see how this translates in practice? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the many copywriting genres and how they can help to grow your small business.

#1 Web Copy

Everyone likes a little mystery now and again, but if your response to people asking what you do for a living is a scoff and a “please,” it probably won’t get you very far as a small business. 

Especially if the word P.L.E.A.S.E. turns out to be an equally mystifying acronym.

Your website is a key part of how customers get to know you, and the copy you use on that website tells the whole story. A copywriting service can help craft many parts of your website, including:

  • Your landing page
  • Your “about us” page
  • Your product pages and descriptions
  • Any other on-page content

Your web copy helps to show the world you’re a legitimate business and a trustworthy brand. For a small business, it can also be a powerful tool used to expand your reach beyond your corner of the world.

#2 Email Marketing

If the idea of email marketing has you daydreaming about monologuing your small business’s 9-year origin story, we beg of you—put the keyboard down.

What works for a beloved sitcom narrator doesn’t always fly when it comes to emails.

Email can be a powerful way to connect with your customers, share with your community, and build strong relationships. In particular, automated emails allow you to reach the customer at the right moment, even when your hands are full. When used strategically, emails can even boost your revenue, with an average return of $36 for every $1 you invest.

But there’s more to an email than writing, “Hi, have you met my small business?” or sharing your whole story in one go. 

A copywriting service can help you pare down your message to the most crucial points and make the most of every email you send. With snappy language and attention-grabbing copy, your emails can keep your customers coming back for more, rather than send them running.

#3 Blog Writing

Perhaps you spend all your free time creating songs and photo montages documenting various mundane events, such as the joys (and misfortunes) of cat-sitting for your mother-in-law. Maybe you even create blog pages just to share them with the world.

While those montages may delight your friends and coworkers (so far as they tell you, at least) creating blog content based on your spontaneous whims alone might not get you far.

A copywriting service can help you craft content that’s creative and consistent, and provides value far beyond the blog itself. Combined with search engine optimization (SEO), an active, well-written blog can:

  • Increase your website traffic by up to 55%
  • Create value for your audience
  • Build trust with your community
  • Establish your place of authority
  • Convert leads into customers

Plus, with someone else taking the lead on the blog writing, you’ll have even more time for your songs and montages—ahem, your small business.

#4 Press Releases

When you’re preparing for an exciting reveal, a major update, or even a small but notable addition to your offerings, keeping the press informed might be the last thing on your mind. Yet, press releases can be elemental in growing the buzz around your efforts from nanoscopic to newsworthy.

A well-written press release should be just as attention-grabbing as that wacky banana hat you’ve got tucked away in the back of your wardrobe. 

That may include:

  • A captivating headline
  • A clear, concise description of your news
  • Quotes from supporters, investors, and authorities
  • A brief background on the announcement
  • Relevant facts and figures

To top it all off, a press release also needs to feel relevant to both your customers and any reporters who might pick up your story. A copywriting service can help you stay ahead of the news cycle by crafting press releases that deserve their own special segment.

#5 Technical Writing

We all have unique ways of communicating (like giving someone a blue French horn to say “I love you.”). However, some ways translate better than others. 

If your small business needs to make complex, technical information palatable for the public and industry peers alike, you might be in need of a technical writing service. 

A technical writer can help you:

  • Communicate the inner workings of your business
  • Distill complex data into digestible, easy-to-read diagrams 
  • Explain the fine details of your services
  • Create clear instructions and user manuals
  • Document and streamline internal processes
  • Produce reports for stakeholders

Even if you know the ins and outs of your business, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to explain the technical details to others. A technical writer provides a specialized copywriting service to help you share your innovations, products, and processes with ease—and avoid any awkward misunderstandings while doing so. 

Copycat Copywriters: The Dopplegänger Your Small Business Deserves

With strong copywriting, your small business could one day be as memorable as a catchy theme song and inspire as many smiles as a laugh track.

Of course, you could suit up to take on the role of a copywriter yourself. But just like a sitcom needs crew members, directors, and writers to become a success, your efforts can go further with the support of a copywriting service.

That’s where Copycat Copywriters can help. We’ll step into your shoes and learn your business, your brand, and your voice so well, your friends might have trouble telling us apart.

Your small business deserves legendary copy. Start crafting it today with Copycat.

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