August 5th, 2020

5 Benefits of Using Professional Blog Writing Services

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Written by Lexie Sharabianlou

Your business’s website is a work of branding art—the Call To Action buttons sparkle like jewels, the image carousel is full of stunning high-resolution images, and the color scheme is *chef’s kiss* magnifique.

But getting around to writing blogging can be so... blah. You may find yourself staring at a blank word document for hours, the emptiness of the page taunting you as mercilessly as the Joker taunted Batman.

You may even wonder, “Why do we even need a blog?”

Then you remember:

  • Companies equipped with blogs receive 67% more leads than companies that don’t have blogs 

  • In 2019, marketing pros who prioritize blogging received 13 times more ROI than companies that didn’t. 

Oh yeah... that’s why. 

Blogging can certainly be a lucrative content marketing strategy, however it can also be a drain on your most important resources.

But there’s an answer, a hero, a savior of time and frustration, and a protector and provider of quality blog content. 

To heck with the bat signal! Commissioner Gordon, throw up a big old B in the sky and signal for help from the true hero of the content world—Blog Writing Services... Man? 

Here are 5 benefits of using a professional blog writing service. 

#1 Save Time, Eat More Pizza

In the astute words of April Ludgate, “Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, pizza is knowledge.” 

Okay, the pizza part aside, she’s right. (Well, she may even be right about the pizza but that’s another blog article). 

Your team’s time is their most important resource. But researching, writing, editing and SEO-optimizing blog articles can be a huge time-suck in the workday.

Think of all the different ways that time could be spent!

  • Streamlining processes
  • Building more efficient production systems
  • Learning vital new skills for your industry
  • Brainstorming fantastic digital marketing strategies
  • Research and innovation
  • Mentoring new hires
  • Creating a tasty incentives-program for the team
  • Team bonding activities
  • Eating pizza

Using a blog writing service to assist in copywriting for a website can ease the work burden for you and your staff so you can focus on the things you do best—helping your business grow, and eating pizza. 

#2 SEO-Savvy, Savvy?

In the right hands, your blog content can amplify your website visibility, make connections with new customers, and help you rise through the ranks of Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

But managing the capricious seas of SEO isn’t always smooth sailing. 

Imagine your company blog as a ship carrying precious cargo—your brand’s values, services, and offerings. The ship needs to sail across the dangerous digital sea to make port in as many valuable harbors as possible.

(That is, you want word about your business to reach key audiences in their search results.)

But to do so, you need a captain, one who will cross the ever-changing digital waters of SEO safely. 

Like an experienced ship captain, a professional blog writing service offers extensive expertise in navigating the seas of Google’s changing algorithm, understanding the technical requirements of website content, and how to avoid walking the plank right into a Google Manual Action or Penalty—which could spell digital death for your site’s SEO. 

Here are your options: 

Captain Sylvia Cerulean, AKA The Maverick of the Seas
Daughter of a magical mer-king and a notorious pirate queen, Captain Sylvia Cerulean sailed her first solo voyage at the age of three. Captain Cerulean has circumnavigated the earth eight times before turning 20 and even ventured across the equator in a perfectly straight line. She has battled sea monsters, discovered new lands, negotiated peace between warring pirate factions, and can predict storms with perfect accuracy.

In the wake of her ship, dolphins frolic and narwhals shoot rainbows and sparkles out of their majestic horns.  

Captain Stan, AKA Captain Patchy Beard 
Stan has watched Pirates of the Caribbean eight times. As a Boy Scout, he almost earned his Knots Badge... but failed (there was an incident with a seagull). Stan hasn’t done all the research, but he’s pretty sure the earth is flat. His worst fear is sailing off the edge.

Also, seagulls. 

So, who would you choose with your priceless cargo?

Sail your brand’s destiny into greatness by trusting an experienced blog captain, master of wordcraft and utterly SEO-savvy. 


#3 Save the Pain of Finding (and Working with) a Freelancer

Freelancers offer businesses flexibility when it comes to content creation. But it can be a serious struggle to find a dependable, communicative freelancer who produces consistent quality work. 

It’s a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack, or more accurately, diving into a needle stack to find a piece of hay. 


  • A very long vetting process – Finding a freelance blog writer takes almost as much (maybe even more) work than actually writing a blog post. You may have to: 

  • Create a job posting
  • Finding appropriate ways to post and amplify that posting
  • Sort through the candidates
  • Read their writing samples
  • Send them a writing test
  • Interview the writer
  • Decide whether you trust them to consistently output quality work

And that vetting process could take months of job posts, screening, and sample-reading. 

  • Communication issues – Contract writers are notoriously poor communicators. Whether it’s the artistic temperament or a lack of professional expertise, you may not hear from your freelance web copywriter when you really need their response. 

  • Unreliable production – Let’s say you find a fantastic blog writer who suits your company voice perfectly. You hand them a huge time-sensitive blog project due right before an investors’ meeting. Then the due date comes around... and there’s not a peep. Now you either have to miss that SEO opportunity, or throw your energy into writing blogs and preparing for your investors’ meeting.

Blog writing companies operate on a commitment to communication, service, and constantly looking for ways to help you meet your goals. There’s a stronger sense of accountability in blog writing companies so you can rest easy and count on consistent, high-quality results every time. 

#4 Consistent, Quality Copy from One Voice

Blog writing companies excel in creating excellent content regularly. They learn your business’s values, voice, audience, and goals inside-and-out to create purposeful blog posts for your website health and for your users’ experience. 

And they can produce all of that quality content on a regular basis! 

However, some businesses have tried to reduce in-house blog writing time by sharing blog-duties across the company. While this content marketing strategy can share the time investment of blog creation, there’s a potential problem they may run into:

A lack of consistency. 

For example, let’s say you own an organic cat food company and wanted to add a brief description of your value props in every blog. 

Martin from Marketing might write:
Your cutey patooty fuzzy baby will gobble up our GMO-free, organic, and scrumptious kitty kibble! Make your little tiger do a happy blem every meal and give her all the love in your heart forever with this special kibble! 

Raya from Research might write:
This cat food is good. Your cat will like it. It doesn’t have mice in it, but your cat will still like it. 

Beezelbub, Lord of Flies, Duke of Hell might write: 
Appease the pointy quadruped that rules your dwelling with organic morsels of sustenance!

Delay the fluffy wrath of fang and claw! 

(Available in kitten, adult, and senior formulas.) 

Sharing the blog-writing duties will leave you with inconsistent copy that needs a ton of edits to sound like just one voice. Your brand’s voice. So all that time you saved actually goes right back into heavy-duty voice and quality edits. 

Using a professional blog writing service can save your team writing and editing time, and guarantee consistent voice across your entire 

#5 Turn Site Visitors into Customers

Professional blog writing companies know the secret ingredient to transforming website users into customers—educational and accessible blogs that are enjoyable to read. 

A keyword-rich blog can help you top Google search result pages, but the quality of the blog will help you make valuable connections with your target audience. 

A well-written blog is like walking into a house with just-baked chocolate cookies on the table—it invites readers to stay a while, enjoy the experience, and find out what else is cooking in your company’s kitchen. 

How do we know? Just ask the experts. 

In a study organized by software company Conductor, participants said they were 131% more likely to purchase from a brand after they had read educational content from that brand. 

Not 50% more likely, not even 100% more likely. 131% more likely. 

Yes, SEO will get visitors in the digital door. But insightful content that’s easy to read will turn visitors into customers. And blog post writing companies have spent years researching and mastering the subtle art of this transformative magic. 

Copycat and The Story of The Beautiful Blogs for Your Brand

When it comes to your website, your blog should truly be the pièce de résistance. It’s where you speak directly to your customers, showcase your expertise, and help answer questions that will lead to a solution—your products or services. 

Trust your blog to a professional blog writing company to put your products front and center and showcase your company’s unique voice. 


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