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Enhance Your Foot Traffic

A great digital marketing strategy is to feature your content on an external traffic hub. Essentially, this piece of content will be published by a “trusted publisher,” a platform that’s respected within the industry and can get the message out about your product (and one that has heavy foot traffic, or in this case, “click” traffic).  

Often, these publishers will share a specific set of rules marketers need to follow—these rules dictate the type of content that they’ll publish on their traffic hub. At Copycat, we can be your writers and editors behind the scenes. Once given access to all important data and information, we have the tools available to create narratives specific to each publisher, advertising your product or service in the process. 

This type of content requires adaptability, as our writers need to use a preexisting voice and highlight a particular platform to produce an effective message. A few trusted publication services and layouts we offer include:

  • Listicles
  • Infographics
  • Long-form blogs
  • Short-form blogs
  • Engagement-based pieces
  • Editorials
  • Memoirs
  • Advertorials 
  • First-person accounts 

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Copycat, Your Writing Team

If you need support publishing pieces related to science or beauty products, we have writers who can help. Here at Copycat, we create these pieces bespoke to each specific publisher, ensuring that we’re filling the right shoes. Publishing this type of content online or across social media allows readers to learn about your brand and gives them open access to share your publication with others. This will further drive traffic to your platform, increase your audience, and raise brand awareness. 

First, we pose the question. Then frame you as the answer. 

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