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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving your brand’s visibility on search engines.

By taking a technical approach to communicate with Google’s (or any search engine’s) algorithm, companies can generate organic traffic and drive potential customers to their platform—completely free!

(kind of)

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Communicate With The Algorithm

Due to the efficacy of this digital marketing strategy, on-page SEO has become a necessary practice across many industries. While the world of SEO is filled with jargon, tech-heavy lingo, and robots (it’s literally based on algorithmic search queries), at Copycat, it’s much simpler than that. 

We believe that search engine optimization is merely a form of communication we use to help potential customers discover your brand on the internet. And, while the best SEO strategy can drive countless readers to a given platform…

The content needs to keep them there. 

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Copycat SEO

Copycat's SEO experts work with your digital marketing strategies and brand to produce keywords and write optimized blog posts utilizing SEO tools. A few of our SEO techniques and services include:

  • Blog Posts (both short- and long-form content)
  • Listicles 
  • Infographics
  • Web Copy 
  • Editorials
  • Landing Pages
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Connect With Your Reader

It’s one thing to bring a reader through your doors; it’s another to entice them. We understand the value that communication plays in SEO. The reality is that the practice is twofold: we’re communicating to the search engine and the human. 

To that end, we produce compelling, on-brand, informative, on-page SEO content for our clients—all with the end goal of inspiring the lead to opt into your product. We weave a narrative into every piece created, taking it in isolation and guiding the lead down the funnel. In other words, we create a positive user experience through our high-quality content that will attract consumers to your site. 

Leave it to us to craft a title tag and meta description and research keywords. We provide SEO services so that you can improve your search rankings and increase your site visibility.

SEO content is Copycat’s bread and butter. 

It’s where technicality meets storytelling. 

It’s where we thrive. 

Free Piece of Content

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