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The Humble Brag

Meet the content with the sole purpose of making your company spit-shined and attractive:

The press release.

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The Argument

The press release is the Gen Zer’s equivalent of “The Humble Brag” and right now, there are two opposing methodologies behind how to draft the perfect messaging for this report.

In one corner of the current Press Release Debacle are the “Realists.” Their argument goes something like…

  • In the flooded space of companies who publish press releases for every milestone and accolade under the sun, it makes you wonder if generating another stale piece of content does much for the company. Instead, you should break the rules, change the game, ignore the proper structure and create a press release that defines your company. 

In the other corner, you have what might adequately be known as the “Big Picture-ists.” Their argument is as follows…

  • The press release is not meant to be flashy. It’s supposed to be as purely informational as, say, a scientific study. By sticking to the facts, you create a credible piece of content which can then be used as the backbone for further content to develop upon.

So, which one’s right?

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The Gray Area

The “right” press release is the one that’s going to be the most effective to distribute information or make an announcement about your brand and business. Is that a cop-out answer? Not exactly. Truthfully, PR copywriting depends on a few factors:

  • Your company’s industry – In some cases, publishing the same milestone press release that your industry has seen 8 quadrillion times isn’t going to do it justice. When writing your story, shake things up and zhuzh your press release structure to draw some additional eyes with the “wow” factor once it’s announced.

  • Your overall marketing strategy – If you plan on sending your press release to news outlets, journalists, or content publishers, you can rely on them to make your press release sound interesting to your audience. In which case, the press release copywriting  needs to be as informational and traditional as possible. So, when writing press releases, think about how you want it to sound when it's announced by various media journalists or reporters. 

Thus, to reiterate: There is no proper press release; there’s just your press release. And we here at Copycat would be happy to identify exactly what that is. Writing a press release is easy once you know how to distribute the factual information—that's why we're here. Copycat's press release writers understand these mechanics intuitively. 

Plus, at the end of the day, the argument over press releases is moot because the answer probably lies somewhere in the gray area between the Realists and the Big Picture-ists.

Now doesn’t that sound all too familiar?

With Copycat as your press release writing service, we'll ensure that you're always positioned to make an impcat. 

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