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A Marketing Matrimony

Advertorials are the union of Editorials and Advertisements.

This unseemly marriage of opposites has revolutionized the magazine and newsletter landscape.

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Narratives That Sell

Advertorials provide a more exciting way of advertising to your target audience. In essence, they're an article in a magazine or newspaper that convinces people to buy your product. The contents of the article will read like an editorial (think, first-person narrative), yet its purpose is to be an advertisement. It’s selling a product or service by telling a story. 

Starting to see its power?

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I Finally Got a Full Night’s Rest | An Example Advertorial By Yours Truly

The advertorial starts off the way a good short story does, by diving headfirst into the narrator and his or her problem.

  • Fun Fact: Unless it’s a gender-specific product or service, the narrator typically remains unidentified. This way, both men and women can “step into the narrator’s shoes” per se.

In this example, our poor narrator hasn’t enjoyed a full night’s rest since their car accident three years ago. It started with a neck injury which made it uncomfortable to fall asleep. But then when the neck healed, they had restless legs, they had night sweats—they had it all

However, our narrator is resilient (of course he or she is!). They decided to take matters into their own hands. They started interviewing researchers, reading the studies, and talking with people who also suffer from this chronic ailment.

  • Fun Fact 2: In short story language this would be the “Call to Adventure” and the second act.

Finally, after many long nights and failed attempts, our hero (er, narrator) finds their solution. It happened to be this little ol’ product called… X.

All is well now, sleep comes as easy as it ever did. But wait; the best is yet to come. Our narrator, after going through all this trouble, contacted the company and they offered a discount code specifically for this Readership.

How wonderful.

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The Power of Narrative

You may think this all sounds like a cheesy ad. You may even think, “There’s no way I’d be fooled by an advertorial.” However, executed by talented writers—such as the ones who live and die by the inkwell at Copycat—these advertorials are as absorbing as a well-crafted story. 

And if anyone questions the power of narrative, well…

  • Fun Fact 3: The power of narrative has been known for as long as language has been in existence.
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Bring Your Product To Life

Advertising with these methods brings the writing to life and will pique the interest of your reader. If your reader is interested in your content, there is a higher likelihood of them sharing your article on social media and further increasing your audience.

Copycat specializes in this form of advertising so that your company doesn't have to. We can create clever editorial pieces that will leave your audience fascinated with your brand and encourage them to become loyal customers. The stories we write can be posted online or across various media channels to give users more opportunities to see the advertisement and interact with your brand. 

Reach out to us today and see how this modern form of advertising will be effective to reach your target audience! 

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