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Your In-House Writing Team

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Handpicked, positioned, and intelligent creators. Our talent; your writers. 

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A Handpicked Writing Team For You

At Copycat, we curate a handpicked team of writers bespoke to your sector and objectives. Not only do we remove the staffing and outsourcing pain points common in the copywriting sphere, but we also optimize the quality of content by pairing you with a team of Copycat Certified writers that have experience in your industry.

It’s your own in-house writing team, simply hosted on our end. This dedicated team will be positioned to handle your current content needs and scale alongside your brand as you grow in your industry and expand your audience.

Your team will initially consist of:

  • The A Writer – This copywriter is your champion, seated in the first position. They’ll be your day-to-day Account Leader and manage your entire in-house writing team.

  • The B Writer – This copywriter is your sidekick, seated in the second position. They’ll build content alongside the A Writer and work to optimize, streamline, and sharpen the processes.

  • Supporting Writers – This your armory, set to handle any robust or dynamic content needs. The size of this department will depend on your content slate.

  • Dedicated Editor – This is your technician, overseeing quality control and brand consistency. They work in tandem with your A Writer, understanding your brand, rhetoric, and objectives intuitively—continuously tailoring the team to your platform.
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The Curation

Prior to forming the team, Copycat will make it their job to initiate a discovery process to understand your brand, map your objectives, and address your pain points. We’ll build a free piece of content you can use across any medium. This initial collaboration will help us familiarize ourselves with you, your team, and your brand.

It will also give you a sneak peek into the quality writing services we provide, along with the careful strategy and SEO process used to best reach your target audience. Once we have a clear understanding of your business objectives, goals, and positioning, we build a client profile for you that will allow us to curate a team bespoke to your company. 

As your content needs scale and different projects arise, the team will recruit other Copycat writers, training them and fitting them into your engine.

Complimentary Content

By writing you a free piece of content, you can vet our product, vet our process, and get to know the coolest copycats in the neighborhood.

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