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One of the primary reasons clients work with us is our ability to create quality and dynamic content at scale. It’s our flagship motto: your in-house writing team. But perhaps that offering is too much for you. Perhaps your content marketing needs are on the smaller side, seeing as you’re just starting out or don’t have a big enough budget to launch a marketing campaign at scale.

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1's The Number

To the above, we say wonderful. Instead of creating an in-house writing team or running your content through our many copywriters at Copycat, we’ll work to pair you with a writer that has experience in your industry and has written for your objectives. This will be your dedicated, Copycat Certified in-house writer. 

They will: 

  • Be Your Account Manager - When it comes to having a dedicated content writer, it’s always more efficient for them to handle all communication with you. This streamlines the process, helps them better understand your brand, and creates further efficiencies. Being that our content creators have worked in your industry prior, they will be able to understand the nuances. 

  • Have A Dedicated Editor - Aside from the writer that’s dedicated to your platform, they’ll also have a Copycat Certified editor. This way, we’re able to ensure that every piece of content written is shipped with the Copycat promise. They will use an established content marketing strategy and, should you need it, SEO best practices to effectively reach your audience. While also having your dedicated writer, you’ll benefit from the structures that guarantee the quality and consistency of our content. 
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Growing Together

Your success is our success. No matter where your company is in its maturity or what kind of resources you have for content, we want to help you grow. We want to communicate your brand effectively, drive traffic to your platform, and entice your leads to act. We pride ourselves on being able to work with a company’s budget in hopes of becoming instrumental in their journey. 

Here at Copycat, we make it our job to establish an effective digital marketing strategy so that our writers can effectively represent your business to your desired audience. We’ll pair you with a dedicated writer that can handle your current content needs, scale with you, and establish thought leadership in your industry. 

Hire Copycat to handle all your writing services, and see first-hand how our clever content strategy and individual copywriters can reshape and amplify your narrative.

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